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Ofsted Report

The main findings of the Ofsted inspection of 8th July 2008.

This school provides good education and good value for money.

As pupils rightly say almost everything about this school is outstanding and it succeeds exceptionally well in its published aim 'to be a school where staff, pupils and parents want to be!'

There is a very clear focus on meeting the needs of individual pupils and ensuring all do as well as they can.

The school has very well developed links to outside agencies and the local community and is rightly held in high esteem.

During their time in the school pupils' make outstanding progress in relation to their low starting points on entry and they are well prepared for their future lives.

Pupils' personal development and well-being are outstanding.

The school is a very friendly and harmonious community. Pupils are friendly, confident, behave very well, enjoy school a lot and have very good attitudes to learning which is reflected in their high levels of attendance and
excellent punctuality.

The school prepares pupils very well for their role as global citizens and provides outstanding education for sustainable development.

Because teachers are supportive and encouraging, pupils are confident and eager to respond.

Teachers know their pupils well and work is carefully matched to their learning needs.

Because of the progress the school has already made and the strength of its vision it has an outstanding capacity to improve further.

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(8 July 2008)

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