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Cross Curriclum Weeks

Cross Curricular Weeks are a fun and an engaging way to deliver learning. The week's theme runs through all subjects; from numeracy to geography, literacy through to art. This style of teaching supports a wide range of learners and embeds pupils' learning through a range of creative activities which are relevant and inspiring.


This Spring term we have explored natural hazards in our world. We looked at earthquakes, volcanoes, flooding, tsunamis and landslides. We found out how they occur and the impact they have on the land, our towns and cities and the people who live there. We were also visited by guests from our sponsor charity 'StandByMe' who have experiance working in disaster areas (Burma and Nepal).
We imagined East London had been devasted by an earthquake and our school was turned into an emergency aid station. Many of the children were 'injured' and needed help. The UN had sent aid workers to help us as firemen tried to rescue those trapped in the surrounding buildings.



Environment Week

(Earth, Wind and Fire!)

This summer term we launched ourselves into our annual Environment Week - our Eco Week - to raise awareness of the environmental challenges we currently face.

We explored the power of the wind by making wind turbines and kites, and experimented with solar power. We learnt many new skills like den making, tying knots, sawing, hammering, chopping and shaping wood. We also recycled shredded paper and turned it into boards to paint on. Even learnt how to build a fire, cooked popcorn on it and made toast!

Kevin the Blacksmith was with us once again, demonstrating his craft along with traditional country dancing and a wood turner. During this time our friends from our partner schools in Essex and France joined us for the day and enjoyed our activities too.


Shakespeare Week
(The Play within a Play)

This Cross Curricular Creative Week made relevant and exciting links across a number of subjects including Literacy, Music, Design and Technology, Drama, Dance and History.
The week began with ‘The play within a play’ where the pupils met Queen Elizabeth I and members of her court. It was 1588 and the whole country was rejoicing over the defeat of the Spanish menace.

The week was very successful with almost all pupils making very good progress.

"Brilliant! I had so much fun." (Year 6 pupil)

"I learnt a lot about the Tudors and I had fun dressing up and performing in front of the parents." (Year 4 pupil)

"Assembly was fun because we met Queen Elizabeth 1, Francis Drake, Martin Frobisher and Archbishop Whitgift. The two ladies in waiting sang and performed and for the Queen it was beautiful. "(Year 3 pupil)

"I thought it was great dressing up and preparing to meet the Queen in our class. We worked hard all week but learnt a lot about the Tudors and how to write and perform plays."
(Year 5 pupil)

'We must make ready for the Queen's visit!'

Each class was transformed into a Tudor Manor as they prepared to host a visit from the Queen. They had each received a royal command and were expected to provide a banquet, music, drama and entertainment. The pupils wrote and performed their own plays written in the style of Master Shakespeare.

The Spanish Armada!

'A Midsummer Night's Dream'
Our play by the new, up-and-coming playright, Master William Shakespeare.