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How we learn

At St Luke’s our lessons are fun, interactive and exciting.

The basis for our curriculum is a ‘creative approach’ in which, wherever possible, pupils increase their knowledge, skills and understanding through units of work where relevant subjects are woven together and links are made across these curriculum links. We have found that this enables pupils to understand the ‘bigger picture’ and how their learning is relevant to real life experiences.  We encourage our pupils to discover facts for themselves through enquiry, research and investigation with a focus on personal discovery enabling them to draw their own conclusions.  School staff have researched the impact of this style of curriculum planning and listened to pupil feedback. We have evidence that pupils are more engaged and excited when their learning is practical, relevant and contextualised. 

(See an example of our 'cross-curriculum' weeks here: Lost In Space! )

At St. Luke's we believe in empowering pupils with a love of books from an early stage and phonics (recognising letters and their matching sounds and blending them together to make whole words) is just one way of achieving this and one of the many strategies used to ensure our pupils become better readers.

We also encourage the children to be responsible for their own learning, especially when working at home. Please see the Kids Zone for some websites that may help you with homework or learning at home.

Our parents are a really important factor in our learning. In Nursery, Reception and Y1 parents are invited to join the class every morning at Welcome Time so we can have a fun time learning together.

Please take the time to read your child's curriculum 'Maps' (links below)and understand just what they will be learning in their respective year.