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In Reception we learn in lots of different ways!

We spend most of our time learning through play. We use play-dough and threading to increase our fine motor skills and build our finger muscles; we play giant Snakes and Ladders and dice games to help us learn to count; we dress up and role play to learn about the world around us; and we enjoy expressing our creativity through painting, drawing, modelling and exploring music and instruments. We also love phonics time where we learn our letter sounds and how to blend them together by singing and playing games which begins our journey as writers.

One of our favourite times of the day is welcome time, our parents are invited to join the class every morning to settle us in and help us start our learning for the day. Sometimes our parents like to speak to our teacher then too and check that we are all doing well and trying hard. Once a term we have a parent workshop and our parents can come and join us for a couple of hours to find out about our learning and work alongside us on a special project.

Life in Reception is very challenging. It's fun - but never dull!


In Reception we have lots of things to do, but most of all we have fun while we learn.

Our parents are invited to join us for 'Welcome Time' first thing in the morning so we can show them what we've been learning.