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Year 1

In Year One we love learning! We learn through playing games, drama, role play and working with one another in lots of different settings. We know when to sit still and listen. We have many exciting guests and visitors who help us to learn. We have so many books in our school and we read a great deal. 'Reading Gym' is a great way to help us improve our reading and writing. Our maths 'Passports' help us to travel the world, improving our numeracy including numbers, shapes, data and measures.

Our parents are also a really important factor in our learning. In Y1, parents are invited to join the class every morning at Welcome Time so they can see our daily challenges and the strategies we use to solve them. We all have a fun time learning together.

Click on the link below to find out what we will be learning about this year!

Y1 Curriculum


3, 2, 1...BLASTOFF!

This term has been a fun and exciting one. We've cooked gingerbread men and made biscuits and cakes to sell for our Charity 'Stand by Me'. In science we explored the Eco garden and catagorized the plants (and saw what has grown in the summer!). We also collected autumn leaves for our art - not to mention blasting off into space and exploring our Solar System - you know, just ordinary stuff!


These are some of our parents who join us in our classroom during 'Welcome Time' and see how we do our work. It's fun to have our parents with us.